The Cake

by Bekah Brunstetter
Produced by Asolo Repertory Theatre
Opened April 2019 in the Cook Theatre

Jen wants her deceased mother’s best friend Della, a talented but struggling baker, to create her wedding cake. She returns from New York with her betrothed to her hometown in North Carolina, and finds that Della is tickled pink to honor her wish – until she discovers that there isn’t just one bride, but two.

Sarasota Magazine: “In a time when loud voices are always chattering on both sides of any political or social divide, The Cake might be seen as a plea for listening, instead of shouting past each other…. directed by Lavina Jadhwani with a good eye to pacing and the balance of comedy and drama.”

YourObserver: “Director Lavina Jadhwani takes a breezy comic tone with occasional flashes of hurt. She keeps the focus on people. Their belief systems matter, but only to the extent that help or hurt. Jadhwani reveals the characters’ hearts without judging or lecturing. It’s exactly what Brunstetter’s script demands.”

Talkin’ Broadway: “The production is lovingly directed by Lavina Jadhwani, who strongly directed last year’s ROE… If there is ever going to be a break in the hostility between religion and the LGBT community, THE CAKE is likely to be a help in finding understanding. Asolo Repertory Theatre’s production is superbly realized.”

featuring Cindy Gold, Paul Romero, Amanda Fallon Smith, and Deanna Wright.
creative team: Sarah Hughey (lighting design), Melissa Ng (costume designer), Matt Parker (sound design), Collette Pollard (scenic design).