As You Like It

by William Shakespeare
Produced by the Guthrie Theater
Opened February 2019 on the Wurtele Thrust Stage

Shakespeare’s classic romantic comedy, told through a contemporary, intersectional, feminist lens.

StarTribune: “Passion and joy fuel Lavina ­Jadhwani’s production of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy, its love-is-love theme underscored by the casting of women in several roles usually played by men.”

City Pages: “In her Guthrie debut, Jadhwani proves to be one of the most lucid Shakespeare interpreters the theater has employed in recent years… The theater regularly rocks with the kind of laughter you don’t often hear at a Shakespeare show: genuine, spontaneous, universal. It makes the centuries-old Bard seem young again.”

Audience Member: “This production is so so so important and dear to my heart. Not only is it just f**king delightful – it is the most inclusive and intersectional piece of theater I have ever seen on such a big stage.
90% of the main characters are People of Color. Touchstone is a lesbian. Jacques is genderqueer and uses they/them pronouns. And these characters are just PEOPLE. They have agency and wants and needs and their stories aren’t ABOUT “overcoming” their race or their queerness.
I felt seen. I felt loved. I felt hope in my heart that this is the future for storytelling.”

featuring Sarah Agnew, Jesse Bhamrah, Sun Mee Chomet, Christiana Clark, Ryan Colbert, Brandon Dahlquist, Austen T. Fisher, Nathaniel Fuller, Meghan Kreidler, Marika Proctor, Andrea San Miguel, Eric Sharp, Chris Thorn, Angela Timberman, Luis Vega, and Max Wojtanowicz.
creative team: Tanya Birl (choreographer), Junghyun Georgia Lee (scenic design), Ilona Somogyi (costume design), Sarah Hughey (lighting design), Broken Chord Collective (original music & sound design), Carla Steen (dramaturg), Jill Walmsley Zager (voice & text), Aaron Preusse (fight director), Justin Hossle (stage manager), Kelly Galvin (assistant director), Lauren Keating (line producer, intimacy consultant), and Joseph Haj (artistic director).
photos by Dan Norman