by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
Produced by Mixed Blood Theatre
Opened November 2018 in the Alan Page Auditorium

GLORIA is a shocking, hilarious and spectacularly honest play set among the hyperambitious cubicle dwellers of a once-great magazine. Like journalism, it asks “What is crisis but an opportunity?” and “Who has the right to tell whose story and for how much money?”

Lavender Magazine: “Director Lavina Jadhwani’s excellent cast is like a perfectly oiled kaleidoscope in which you never know what might come out of whose mouth… Gloria dazzles with wild relationship contours that end up making perversely uneasy sense in the dehumanizing, if not, degrading world of office politics. The arrested development of educated adults psychologically stuck in middle school behavior patterns is shrewdly and tragicomically conveyed.”

StarTribune: “Directed by Lavina ­Jadhwani, and well performed… the show exposes ambitious climbers who deal with technological disruption and crises in their idiosyncratic ways. It’s an indictment, in subtle ways, of a mercantile ethic that would sell anything for profit.”

Cherry and Spoon: “Under the direction of Lavina Jadhwani, the cast gives funny, real, moving performances as these sometimes unlikable but always very human characters. Gloria is extremely timely and relevant, and will likely encourage many conversations walking out of the theater.”

Featuring Bonni Allen, Ernest Briggs, Kathryn Fumie, William Thomas Hodgson, Colleen Lafeber, and Tom Reed.

Photos by Rich Ryan.