The Two Gentlemen of Verona

by William Shakespeare
Produced by Oak Park Festival Theatre
Opened July 2015 at Austin Gardens

An outdoor production, set in the youth-centric 1980s world of John Hughes and his club of endearing scoundrels.

Chicago Tribune: “By setting the tale of the title duo in the early 1980s, Jadhwani hearkens back to the neon-colored pop and political slumber of the ‘morning in America’ Reagan years… It’s Rick Springfield’s ‘Jessie’s Girl’ with a violent twist.”

Chicago Reader: “Lavina Jadhwani transforms this into a satisfying modern-day staging. Jadhwani recognizes that, for all its flaws, the play is peopled with believable characters (Vahishta Vafadari is particularly moving as the aforementioned devoted lover), and contains some fine theatrical moments, including a wonderful monologue on love, delivered with grace and power by Michael Pogue as Valentine.”

Oak Park Artbeat: “A light, breezy midsummer confection… this version, a sweet romantic romp set in the 1980s, is dizzy and delightful.”

Featuring Dan Cobbler, Jack Hickey, David Keohane, Noah Laufer, Ashlyn Lozano, Erika Miranda, Tim Martin, Michael Pogue, Sigrid Sutter, Vahishta Vafadari, and Scot West.

Photos by Johnny Knight.